About Us

“As Long As You Can Learn
,You Can Earn”

M&N Scholarship Private Ltd. is an Organization established under Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) bearing CIN:-U80903HR2019PTCC080052 provide a platform to students who wants to showcase there ability of learning and increases potential in performing efficiently in their preferred subject and earn scholarship. AITSE is an association who are conducting this exams from recent 4years under M&N Scholarship Private Ltd. and already provided many scholarships to students. We have a worthy family of 15000 students.

We totally understand the significance of money and are aware of difficulties and problems arise in the way of equipping oneself with the correct knowledge and wisdom. Therefore our organization always support and stand beside them who wants to pursue their passion. National Talent Search Exam(NTSE) is an Online Competitive MCQ based Exam, to evaluate the depth of student knowledge and reward them with Cash Scholarship worth upto 1Lakh.

The National Talent Search Exam is conducted all over India for all category students to grab the chance to win 1 lakh. Whole exam process is being carried out with the help of top rated software approved by government, making the quiz fair, transparent and trustworthy.

By our programme of Scholarship Exam we provide great help in the preparing students mentally to take up the challenges and promote the learning skills in the subjects the student wants to excel in. The Exam will also help them to Earn Appreciation and grab Golden Opportunities in their Career Growth.

So if you want to ignite yourself and wants to shine by heading towards your goals then show us your worthy talent and we’ll stand up for you.


Organize a platform for young talented students to exhibit their learning knowledge and earn worthy scholarship by participating in NTSE.

Provide a golden opportunity to brilliant and talented student of country to pursue their passion.

Encourage them to develop new innovative skills make great effort to contribute towards nation.


As an organization, our vision is to determine and recognize the abilities and talents of students.

Help them to boost their learning skills by participating in a competitive exam.

We want to stand apart among the crowd of multiple groups who aid the students with scholarships.

Message from Director

Being a Director of AITSE I’m grateful to all the team member of AITSE who are working selflessly for young students in achieving their goal with the help of financial aid. 
National Talent Search Exam(NTSE)helps the students to prepare them mentally for golden opportunities and unparalleled challenges. 
AITSE is an organization who is continuously working by contributing their effort for talented students who are the bright future of nation. 
I’m grateful of being a director of such organization for encouraging students in their passionate field by appreciating with government approved  certificates and huge rewards.
 I request all the students to register yourself and be our global family form such life-changing Programme.

What Our Students Say About Us

I’m a student of Bachelor of Science who had recently cleared the National Talent Search Exam(NTSE) and got a Scholarship for further studies pursuing my passion. I’m grateful to the AITSE team who encourages the young students with their Scholarship Programme to show their learning and skill and grab the chance to win worthy Scholarship. Their Valuable Contribution for the Students of Nation is really admirable. They always stand beside the students who really wants to stand apart from crowd of people. I’m really thankful to the AITSE who provided such a valuable platform to crore of students all over country.
Vivek Sharma

What Parents Say About us

As a Parent I’m very much grateful to team AITSE who had organized such platform to help all the poor souls and to achieve their dreams by contributing great reward for their further studies through Scholarship Exam. My Child has make me proud because of these NTSE by AITSE. They are really doing a great and appreciating work for leading generation. Hats Off to the Team of AITSE!!!

Vivek Sharma

What Teacher Say About us

Currently there were many scholarship programme is running in India but I ever appreciate the AITSE who understand difficulties and significant of money for students in their higher studies. They offer great reward and encourage the students for their accomplishment. By offering the valuable participant certificate to each and every student they show their high value system. I always praise and encourage to all my students to participate in the National Talent Search Exam which is a life-changing challenge only require great learning skill of a student. I wish AITSE will achieve their goal by their hardwork and encouraging spirit. All the best to AITSE Team!